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Established in 1997, SP International provides retailers, distributors and individuals with superior quality products at fair prices and provides high level customer service.

Who is SP International Inc.?

Manufacturer and distributor of swim spa, spa and unique and innovative accessories. We are always on the lookout for practical new additions to our product line. Our 20 years of experience make us a leader in the field. Our mission: « to be there to answer your questions when purchasing your swim spa or spa while offering the best after-sales service to make your experience unique and as pleasant as possible. » SP International is « THE » reference in swim spas, spas and accessories.

Two places to serve you;

Serving all of Quebec and Ontario with a branch in Longueuil, in 2021, a new ally was born with a new branch located in Laval under the name of SP International & Fils. This new location will allow us to better respond to growing demand...

Member of ACPQ, APSP, Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada and several other professional associations.

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