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Water Level Control

100% automated filling!

Fully automated water level control. This system allows you to eliminate a lot of maintenance time and get additional protection against overfill. Ideal for residential and commercial swimming pools, water gardens, fountains, etc.

The Water Level Controller has been designed to maintain the water level of a swimming pool, water garden, fountain, etc. Operation is simple, efficient, reliable and safe. When the water level drops below the predetermined level, a water supply valve is activated by the controller and automatically shuts off when the normal level is reached. If the level continues to rise for one reason or another (example: heavy rain, a garden hose added by mistake and still working, a valve failure, etc.) a light and sound alarm will sound. see and hear.

Conversely, if a major leak occurs, a programmable timer has been provided to establish a maximum fill time. If this time is reached, the system stops and an alert is triggered. Each alert is accompanied by a flashing sound and a different sound that allows you to quickly identify the source.

Characteristics :
- Shutdown and alert in the event of a leak.
- Shutdown and alert in case of excess water.
- Automatic start of filling.
- Automatic stop of filling.
- Visual indicator in filling mode.
- Visual and audible indicator in case of alert.
- In the event of a power failure, the valve closes automatically.
- When the current returns, the controller starts up again.
- Simplicity of operation.
- Can be programmed to adapt to different pond sizes.
- Safe operation at low voltage. (24 volts AC)
- Accelerated demonstration mode.
- Mode of checking the correct operation of the controller and the probe.
- Filling mode during a complete emptying of the basin.
- One year limited warranty.
- Made in Quebec.

NOTE: This product is out of stock ! (Discontinued)


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