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Spa draining

Spa draining

Pump Marvel



Pump Marvel

Autonomous pump

Pump Marvel outperforms traditional submersible pumps:
It drains water up to 1/8", so you don't have to worry about manually removing the remaining 2" to 3" left by a traditional submersible pump.
No need to enter your spa to drain the last few inches of water left after emptying.
No engine so it won't break if it lacks water.
Has no moving parts that could wear out.
Made from high strength PVC, Pump Marvel is virtually indestructible and will last forever.

Pump Marvel is not a siphon, it is a real pump:
He does not lose his power.
It can lift water up to 20' high.
Pump Marvel drains 13 times faster than siphoning or draining with a garden hose.

If there is debris in the water being drained, that is, leaves in the water on top of a pool cover, the debris will not block the inlet until Pump Marvel is positioned flat on the bottom, a feat that can easily be handled by one person using a standard pool pole that attaches to the top of Pump Marvel. Traditional submersible pumps have an inlet screen which can quickly become clogged with small debris causing the pump to stop working and even burn out.
Pump Marvel is ideal in situations where there is shallow water to move. For example, if you had a leak in a basement, Pump Marvel can keep water at bay by leaving as little as 1/8 ". Without Pump Marvel, you would need to use a shop vacuum and to continuously suck in water until the source of the leak is stopped.The advantage of Pump Marvel is that you can turn it on and leave it alone, allowing you to do other things ( how to find the source of the leak).
Pump Marvel does not require electricity. In the event of a power failure, your sump pump will not work. To avoid a flooded basement, use Pump Marvel!
On the top of Pump Marvel, there is a slot that accepts a standard pool post handle, allowing Pump Marvel to be maneuvered and positioned with a pool post.
Are you in the pool or spa service business? Pump Marvel is ideal for extracting the last few inches of water from an above ground pool.

Each gallon of water that enters Pump Marvel can suck up to an additional 3 gallons from the container being drained and eject 4 gallons from the discharge hose.

Pump Marvel simply pumps the water!


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